Return Policy

How do I know if something I ordered something that is considered "non-returnable" at this site?

If you order a part from this website site that is non-returnable we will notify by email for acknowledgment prior to completing/processing the order or obtaining the part from Subaru of America.

Some of the items that cannot be returned would include pre-painted parts, electrical parts, and uncommon parts. Please understand that placing an order on the site

means you are committing to and responsible for that order.

What if I received my order, but now I don't want some or all of the parts?

Any accepted returns must be returned within fourteen business days after you have received the order. Electrical parts are not returnable. 

Once we receive the accepted return you will be refunded the full amount of your order minus all shipping costs. Shipping costs include the amount you initially paid to have your order shipped to you as well as the amount it costs to ship it back to us. 

We can assist you in this process by issuing a UPS pickup at your address. Please mention that you would prefer this method when you request a return.

All accepted returns must be in original packaging, undamaged and never-installed.

If a part is labeled non-returnable / special-order we cannot accept a return at any time. There are many reasons for which a part may be labeled non-returnable. One example is if it is a specially-order part that we do not normally carry in-stock. More often than not, Subaru will not accept returns from us on specially-order parts.

Send us the returnable parts in their original box/packaging. Parts must be undamaged and unused. If we determine that your return contains parts that have been previously installed, we reserve the right to cancel your return. All shipping costs remain with the buyer. 

Returns should be made out to:


1 Boston Post Road

Milford, CT 06460

When we receive the return, we will issue your credit. Please allow 3-5 business days from the time of receipt before inquiring about whether the credit has been issued as it usually takes the authorizing bank at least three days to process it.

I ordered parts and the wrong ones came so I went to a local store to buy replacements and now you owe me the difference! 

At no time is responsible for costs incurred by the buyer in order to replace a defective shipment. Seller retains the right to cure any defect in a shipment within a reasonable period of time. If an order is defective, please refer to the section regarding returns in order to pursue a proper course of action. We will either send you the proper parts in an effort to cure the defect or we will issue a credit for the amount of the original order, if the order meets our return standards, minus all shipping costs.

How many days do I have to make sure my order is complete?

Please inspect your order completely when it arrives for damage or missing parts. We generally allow 14 business days after the order has been received for any claims of missing or damaged parts to be investigated. We will try to facilitate any problems during that time frame. Please contact us immediately via email regarding such problems.

What if I get the wrong parts or the order is damaged?

Occasionally, we may make a mistake or the carrier may damage or lose the shipment. If this happens, please email us immediately with the order number and date to let us know. Claims for wrong or damaged orders must be made within 14 business days of receipt of your order. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the package upon delivery by the carrier in a reasonable period of time. By purchasing from, buyer agrees that 21 days is a reasonable period of time for inspection. Buyer and seller agree that claims for wrong or damaged orders will not be accepted after this 14 business day period. 

Example of a proper claim for a wrong or damaged order: 3 business days after delivery, customer opens package only to discover front brakes instead of rear brakes. The following day, customer emails to notify seller of the problem.

Example of an improper claim for a wrong or damaged order: 15 business days after delivery, customer opens package only to discover front brakes instead of rear brakes. The following day, customer emails to notify seller of the problem.

We will make all attempts to reply quickly and fix any problem that may have occurred. Damaged shipments can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, we may decide to absorb any shipping cost for the error. We reserve the right to make the final decision in such cases.

If we issue a UPS pickup or claim, we may ask that you help us facilitate the pickup so that the entire problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

What is the procedure for returning a core for credit?

All cores being returned for credit need to be sent back in the original Subaru white box Cores must be original Subaru parts only. Please include a copy of the packing list with the shipment. After it is successfully received and inspected we will issue a credit.

Cores should be sent to:


Core Returns

1 Boston Post Road 

Milford CT 06460


What is the guarantee on parts bought at this site? 

As a Subaru dealer, we guarantee that all genuine Subaru parts we sell are covered against manufacturer’s defects for 12 months or 12,000 miles [from date of purchase]. Parts that are warrantied are subject to inspection by Subaru of America. NOTE: Claims may be accepted or rejected and subject to charge-back if it is determined that the part failed due to improper installation or installer damage. 

If you need to make a warranty claim on a part you purchased on our website you will need to notify us via email that you would like to submit a warranty claim with Subaru of America. In order to process the claim, we will require you to provide the full VIN, mileage at the time of repair, and current mileage.

The part in question will need to be shipped in the original Subaru packaging/box. If and when Subaru accepts the claim, we will refund you the cost of that part. Subaru will only pay for the cost of the part. Subaru will not pay for the cost of labor, storage fees, towing, downtime, legal fees or any other incidental or consequential charges that were incurred on your behalf. 

As an alternative to this procedure, you may simply take the vehicle to your local Subaru dealer. Explain the relevant repairs and part installation information to the service writer and ask that they diagnose the car to determine if there is a failed or defective part. If they find a defective part, they can perform the warranty procedure and replace the part for you. You may need to provide your receipt of purchase to show that the part is covered by the warranty. We can provide any documents to you or them in order to assist in this process.