Who are we?

SubaruPartsForYou.com is an internet-based supplier of genuine Subaru parts, accessories, and apparel. We are owned and operated by Dan Perkins Subaru, Inc. of Milford, CT.

The Dan Perkins Automotive Group has owned and operated several dealerships in CT and NY for over 40 years. Since 2004, our web store has shipped thousands of orders to customers across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We are a supplier of Genuine Subaru replacement parts and accessories and do business in the United States Of America

We do not ship internationally 


Do you have a physical store? 

No. SubaruPartsForYou.com operates directly out of a warehouse that is not open to the public. Our business model is designed to provide genuine OEM parts and accessories at discounted prices through a do-it-yourself shopping experience. If you are a local customer, you may opt to pick up your order by using the “customer pick-up” option as an alternative to shipping. In-state sales are subject to CT state tax.


Do you have a phone number?

We do not handle any of our business over the phone. The best way to contact us is via email at SubaruPFY@gmail.com

Emails will be responded to within 24 hrs, often within a couple hours if we receive the email during business hours. 


How do I create an account?

When placing an order on the site go ahead and use the cart to create.


I forgot my password! What can I do? 

On the My Account screen, click Forgot My Password. 



Can I get SubaruPartsForYou.com prices if I come to Dan Perkins Subaru?

No. SubaruPartsForYou.com is not linked on the same computer system as Dan Perkins Subaru. The web store operates as an independent subdivision of the dealership, which utilizes the Parts department warehouses for its inventory.

Our discounted prices are possible because the online ordering system streamlines the costs of processing. Also, we have a separate team of employees that focuses primarily on web store operations. Each order is highly automated in order to provide the best customer experience possible. Our goal is to provide you with the parts and accessories you need in a timely fashion. The most efficient way we can achieve this goal is by streamlining the ordering process and communicating via email.


Can you give me a better price? 

Our prices are well below Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). We utilize a comprehensive system that considers various costs and MSRP in order to determine the lowest prices we can possibly offer.


How are these parts so inexpensive? They must be fake or used

All of our parts are genuine Subaru parts that come directly from Subaru. As a subdivision of a licensed Subaru dealer, we are able to purchase parts and accessories at a certain cost. The dealership is then able to sell those parts and accessories to other businesses like auto repair shops at wholesale prices and to individual consumers at retail prices.

SubaruPartsForYou.com allows individuals to buy parts at or near wholesale prices. Most dealers, if not all, do not sell parts at wholesale prices to individuals.

Every Subaru dealer is independently owned and operated. Therefore, prices may be different from one dealer to the next. MSRP is merely a suggested price by Subaru, not a requirement. In some cases, our parts are 20-30% lower. 

Be aware, however, that your local dealer may not allow you to bring parts to their dealership for installation on your car. Most dealers do not allow this due to liability. SubaruPartsForYou.com is truly meant for the do-it-yourself crowd looking to save as much money as possible.


Can prices change from one day to the next?

Yes. Because we are part of a Subaru dealer, our products are subject to Subaru of America’s pricing tables. As the manufacturer, Subaru sends out price changes every few weeks (usually once per month, on the first day of the month). Therefore, it is entirely possible that a part you looked at yesterday costs more or less today.

NOTICE: SubaruPartsForYou.com does not offer price quotes on any product from our catalog. If you do not place an order for a part at a particular price, you may not demand that price if it subsequently changes.


Placing Orders 

Do you accept orders from outside of the United States of America?

No. We only ship orders to the United States. We only carry parts from the USDM Subaru catalog.

If you own a Subaru in a location other than the above listed locations, the parts you need may be different or cataloged in a different manner than they would be in the U.S., for example.


I want coupons and discounts! How can I get them?

From time to time we will offer promotional codes via email or social media. The best way to stay up to date with us it by creating an account on our website and following us on social media.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check regularly so you don’t miss out on special offers! 


Do you take Subaru Bucks or Goodwill Coupons from Subaru?

We are no longer able to accept Subaru Bucks or Goodwill Coupons as of July 31st, 2020.

What is a VIN? 

The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is found on all North American Market cars and contains 17 characters. It is located on the vehicle under windshield on the driver’s side. Sometimes, it is located in the doorjamb or under the hood near the firewall. It is also printed on your insurance cards.

The VIN is not a secret number that you should protect from view. It merely identifies your exact vehicle so that a dealer or auto repair shop can get you the correct parts.

Some parts have half-year design changes, or different parts depending on trim level. The VIN will narrow this down without question.


Do you sell or get used parts?

No. We only sell new parts and accessories. Local customers, however, may inquire about information regarding local scrap yards or suppliers.


Will I get confirmation of the order?

You will receive an order confirmation the moment your order is placed. The final receipt will contain an order number. If you do not receive a receipt, then no order was actually placed.

If you create an account on the website, you will be able to access all of your previous orders by looking at your order history.

After you place an order, we will begin processing it as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. We ask that you allow us ample time to get your order processed and shipped before sending many inquiries. 

If you are unsure about an order, you may email us. Please include the order number and we will get back to you with an update. After the order ships, it is scanned by UPS. At that moment, you will be sent an email from UPS Quantum view with the tracking information.


What if I ordered parts and need to cancel immediately?

It is not always possible to cancel an order immediately because we process orders during normal business hours.

If you place an order that you need to cancel, email us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If your cancellation request is received during normal business hours, it will be processed more quickly than if you send the request at midnight, eastern standard time.

Please understand once you place an order you are responsible for it and immediate cancellation may be a problem..


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following major debit/credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover. Please include your CVV2 card security code for fastest processing. Payments are accepted via PayPal Plus, or email at subarupfy@gmail.com.


How do I know that my credit card and personal information are secure on your site? 

We are committed to providing a safe and secure shopping experience for our customers. We are PCI compliant, and we have security policies in place to protect your information. Read our Privacy & Security section for more details.


I don't want to use my credit card on the Internet so can I just call the order in? 

We do not accept any orders by phone. 


How will the purchase I make at this website show up on my credit card statement?

The purchase you make on our site may show up as Dan Perkins Subaru or Perkins Subaru.


Are all orders placed binding? 

No, there are occasions when an item on the site is either unavailable or has an error in price or listing. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason without notice. We make every effort to avoid such action, but sometimes it is unavoidable. SubaruPartsForYou.com is a private business and we reserve the right to refuse business if we are not comfortable with a transaction for reason, including security issues such as origin of email, IP address, ship to address, phone number, or any of the other provided information. We reserve the right to terminate any transaction without notice.


I need advice about installation. Can you help me? 

No. We only provide help regarding which parts you may or may not wish to order and technical issues on the website, such as emailing, order status, or shipping status. While our staff is experienced, not everyone here is a certified Subaru technician with the appropriate expertise to answer such questions. Additionally, liability risks prevent us from being able to help you regarding general service or installations.

NOTICE: Any communication between a SubaruPartsForYou.com team member and a customer should not be relied upon as technical advice. If you need assistance, we strongly urge you visit or contact the service department at your local Subaru dealer.

If you are looking for a part and are unsure of what part you may need, we may be able to help. You may email us at SubaruPFY@gmail.com and we will make every attempt to help in that capacity. Be prepared with all of your vehicles information, including year, model, and VIN, so that we can get you what you need quickly and efficiently.

We STRONGLY URGE that you consult a certified Subaru technician before you attempt any repairs. We are not responsible for the improper installation of any product purchased from our store. No refunds will be given on parts that were installed and subsequently damaged. SubaruPartsForYou.com reserves the right to final judgment on whether a part was improperly installed.


Where can I get online instructions for accessory installations? 

Recently, Subaru decided to discontinue paper instructions with accessories. They advise that customers visit http://stis.subaru.com to download instructions. 

For Canadian customers, please visit http://www.subaru.ca/WebPage.aspx?WebSiteID=282&We...


How does it work if I buy re-manufactured parts in regards to cores? 

We sell some parts that are re-manufactured by Subaru. After you have completed your repair, you can get a credit for sending us the old core. The old core must be returned in the original core box of the replacement part you ordered from us. IF the box is destroyed, Subaru will not accept the core and we will not be able to issue a credit. We can issue a printable UPS return-shipment label via email if you so request it. Please include the original receipt in your email to us. Cores are not returnable after 90 days. The core refund is listed on the item description. 


What is the warranty on parts I buy from you?

As a Subaru dealer, we guarantee that all genuine Subaru parts we sell are covered against manufacturer’s defects for 12 months or 12,000 miles [from date of purchase]. Parts that are warrantied are subject to inspection by Subaru of America. NOTE: Claims may be accepted or rejected and subject to charge-back if it is determined that the part failed due to improper installation or installer damage.

If you need to make a warranty claim on a part you purchased on our website, you will need to notify us via email that you would like to submit a warranty claim with Subaru of America. In order to process the claim, we will require you to provide the full VIN, mileage at the time of repair and current mileage. 

The part in question will need to be shipped in the original Subaru packaging/box. If and when Subaru accepts the claim, we will refund you the cost of that part. Subaru will only pay for the cost of the part. Subaru will not pay for the cost of labor, storage fees, towing, downtime, legal fees, or any other incidental or consequential charges that were incurred on your behalf. 

As an alternative to this procedure, you may simply take the vehicle to your local Subaru dealer. Explain the relevant repair and part installation information to the service writer and ask that they diagnose the car to determine if there is a failed or defective part. If they find a defective part, they can perform the warranty procedure and replace the part for you. You may need to provide your receipt of purchase to show that the part is covered by the warranty. We can provide any documents to you or them in order to assist in this process.

NOTICE: If they find that the part is not defective, you may be responsible to pay their labor fee for the diagnosis. 


Which category should I search for Outback?

Legacy Outback is located under Legacy Outback. Impreza Outback Sport Wagon is located under Impreza.



I need parts fast. Why is it taking longer than I thought it would to get my order? 

We make every attempt to fill orders in a timely manner. There are several factors that may effect how quickly you receive your order. NOTE: If you have an emergency and need parts very quickly, you may want to buy directly from your local Subaru dealer. We cannot promise that you will receive your parts by an exact date. This is due to the various unpredictable factors involved in inventory supply and third party carrier delivery. All delivery dates are estimates only. We use UPS Ground exclusively [except Hawaii & Alaska]


Can I pick up my order at any Subaru dealership?

No. We are a private Subaru dealer. Choosing the pick-up option at the shopping cart only allows you to pickup your order at our Milford, CT location during specific business hours. All Subaru dealership are independently owned and operated in the United States.


How do shipments to Canada or Puerto Rico work? 

We do not ship outside of the United States of America at this time.


Can you combine my new order with a recent previous order to save on shipping? 

Unfortunately, due to the volume of our business, we are not in a position to package new orders with recent previous orders. We understand this may be an inconvenience, but we suggest waiting to place an order until you feel you have selected all of the items you need.