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I love this website and the whole SPFY team! Free shipping on orders over $200.00 and NO FREIGHT CHARGES unlike the dealerships... Prices are the lowest I've found for new genuine parts, also did I mention... NO FREIGHT? This team has always been helpful answering any questions I have and even sending detailed diagrams for parts I'm interested in. This is the reason I'm a repeat customer. Can't say it enough, I'm glad I found them!

Keep doing what you're doing SPFY because you're doing it well!

Many thanks!
Tab Deaner
these guys are simply extra ordinary , goes above & beyond... had an issue with parts i ordered & without any hesitation , step by steps instructions were sent in via e-mail like a lightning & resolve the issue a little over than 24hrs....
on my 3rd Outback already ...and since 2003 , never had any problem with these guys....

" THANK YOU SPFY TEAM " you guys are second to none....

Luis Castillo
I ordered around $700 worth of parts to do a timing belt / 100k mile service on our 2011 Legacy. Parts arrived quickly and well packaged. Unfortunately, during the install, the new OEM thermostat was defective and wouldn't open. After sending a message for a refund, I received an email confirmation of the processed refund in less than an hour! Also, an apology for the inconvenience. No apologies necessary, stuff happens. Talk about customer service!!!
My car broke down on a Sunday night when I was traveling back from a trip to Boston. The car was towed off the highway to a local garage in CT. I was told I needed an Alternator by the mechanic at the garage the next morning. He said it really should be a genuine Subaru part. I looked on-line and found a listing on the subaru parts for you website. I placed the order with a note that I was essentially stranded and needed to know if they could help out or at least contact me. They called my cell phone that morning and told me they had the part and could send it to the garage on their truck. I cant tell you how relieved I was. The part came within a few hours and I was so happy to be on my way. Where are you going to find that kind of caring today?
Carolyn L
Ive been buying parts on this site since 2007 when I got my first Subaru thanks to my Dad after I finished college. It was a used 1999 Forester with 125000 miles and I ended up needing a lot of items from SPFY for it as I fixed it up. The folks at SPFY always took the time to email back and forth with me and guide me through the parts process as we chipped away at the project. John especially helped me several times he is very knowledgeable and patient and a real asset to his employer! Now ten years later I am still using the site to buy my tune-up parts and accessories for my 2016 Forester that I love. I do miss my 2007....thanks SPFY!
Jason Colton

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