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After searching thru google I came across SPFY.com. After comparing prices for my 2015 WRX I saw SPFY was often much cheaper than other OEM Subaru sites. I wasn't sure what part number I was looking for and emailed their staff. They were extremely responsive and very friendly. They answered every question I had (which was many!) and made sure I got the exact part I was looking for. I couldn't have been any happier dealing with them. I placed my order late on a Monday, and Tuesday morning it shipped. Lightning fast! I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase any OEM Subaru part. Give them a try! You won't regret it!!!
Came across SPFY by way of a Google search and immediately was impressed with both the ease of using their site and the prices for OEM accessories. They are EXTREMELY responsive to their emails, during their regular business hours. I never had to wait longer than 10 minutes for a response. I placed a large order and am so glad they ask you provide a VIN because one item ordered would not fit my particular model so they contacted me immediately and helped me to get the right part.

These people go above and beyond! Even after I placed my order, I realized well after the fact that I'd forgotten to enter a promotional code during checkout. I'd asked if they'd consider retroactively applying - not expecting so because after all, it was my mistake. But lo and behold - they took care of it! Unbelievable demonstration of good old fashioned business practices - so VERY rare these days! I see they will go through hoops to keep you happy! My only regret is that I don't live closer by because from what I've experienced and have read of their dealership's sales staff, I'd easily buy any car from this company - let alone have my Subaru's serviced there - and I RARELY go to dealerships for more than what I really need! I can't speak highly enough of them! I've passed the word on to a few of my friends who have Subi's and give them the HIGHEST possible recommendation for all they do! Extremely well-done and THANK YOU! You guys are plain AWESOME!!!
Recently I had an accident with a 2007 Subaru Forester where I badly damaged (i.e destroyed) a rear wind deflector that had been installed since the vehicle was new.

This is a part that is no longer available through Subaru, or most Subaru Dealers (through Subaru Dealer search).

Subaru Parts for You listed it as available, however with a non matching stock picture. On request they pulled a box, inspected it, and confirmed it matched my photo of my destroyed part. The quoted price for the new part more than matched pricing through local yards of used wrecked cars (200 mile radius)

Great job! Thanks.
The rear drivers side window switch on my 06 Impreza was a wreck. I don't know what the previous owner did to it but it hasn't worked since I bought the car in 2010. It never bothered me until I tried to drive for uber and I needed to fix it. I took apart the door and saw what was wrong. All of the major auto parts stores didn't have it or even in their warehouse to order it. Rock auto didn't even have it and I thought I was doomed to pay an ungodly amount from the dealer. I found this website, ordered the part for a fraction of what a dealer would have charged and it arrived four days later. It fits and my window works 100% now. I'm very grateful for Subaru parts for you for their extensive inventory and they run the VIN to make sure it's the right part.
Kevin, Uber

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